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Rainbow Bridge

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In Memory of Henry - Dirk Miller and Mark Besta, who loved Henry so very much 

Go well, sweet boy. 

Dear, Sweet Henry.  Where did you learn so quickly to become such an integral, loving part of our day to day lives?  And now, why are all of those familiar things that we did each and every day with you no longer necessary? We keep replaying those daily memories as well as other cherished, memorable moments of your precious life like a film loop . . . over and over again. It’s just that you seemed to understand things we couldn’t, and you always sensed that there was a problem before it became obvious to us. Where did you learn so quickly the rhythm of good news and bad and to stay close by our side when we were down or troubled and stay there until you sensed calm once again?  How did you so naturally teach us the essence of freedom and the importance of appreciating the moment  . . . and how to live like every single car trip to the store was like a romp on the beach or a swim in the ocean?  And how did you learn that in exchange for your gift to us of unquestioned love, that you would seek nothing in return but a simple pat on the head and to be a part of our family, if even for a while. And now that the pattering of your paws on wooden floors no longer graces our home and the wagging of your tail no longer greets us at our door, you continue to teach us that the insurmountable void left by your absence is the price we must pay to have been blessed with your immeasurable love and loyalty for so many years.  We love you sweet puppy! 


Acey came into our lives over 10 years ago. He joined Sheba, our little Airedale since birth. We loved him from the start ❤️...however, Sheba played hard-to-get for about 2 days then succumbed to Ace's giant, 100+ pounds of "I'm easy" attitude. We lost our Sheba at 13 years old a year almost to the day before we lost Big Man. Ace had this way about him that just oozed relaxation - he was the family therapy dog. Our motto was WWAD (what would Ace do) whenever life got too chaotic. Acey would stand at one end of the yard...stare at whomever would play his game...then slowly, with head down, walk toward you...then break out in a full run when close - scared me silly the first time that happened, but then we ALL loved playing his game.  Thank you, Connie and NWATR for bringing beautiful Aesop to us - without you and the incredible things you make possible, we never would have met our special friend and our lives would be altered.  We miss you so much, Big Man... who will stop the chaos now

Charlotte May-Pumphreys
Many thanks to NWATR for totally brightening my life ever since June 1, 2008, when I adopted Charlotte Hollis May-Pumphrey, AireGirl Extraordinaire! She died today, just three weeks short of becoming a teenager....


Our beautiful Hannah crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 8, 2020 at 12 years 9 months old.  Hannah was our constant companion from the age of 2 years when we adopted her to the time she slipped peacefully away at home.   She made us laugh with her quirky ways, diving between our legs, welcoming guests with gusto, never wanting them to leave and her obsession with the cat next door and their daily staring contests from a safe distance.  She loved visits to the beach and the travels in our motorhome where she couldn't wait to get in the driver's seat. 

Hannah was loved by everyone who knew and met her and has left a big hole in our hearts.  Most of all we will miss the unconditional love she gave us.  Rest in Peace sweet Hannah.

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