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Rainbow Bridge

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Rimington Barrow

In Memory Remington Barrow - Go well Sweet Boy

Our dear friend and companion, Rimington Barrow, went to visit his brothers on December 20 at 1:33 EST.  We adopted Rimi on May 4, 2010 from NWATR. He was a fine example to our other dogs, taking care of and teaching them. Rimi would frequently come to talk with me, in his little squeaky voice. He almost raised Puppy Keegan by himself - playing, defending, and sharing. Rimi had a malignant tumor on his spleen and his blood count was barely sustaining life. He came to us every day, near the end, for reassurance that we would do something to help him.   He was truly a wonderful friend and we are empty inside. We cannot begin to express how much we miss him.


In memory of Finn - From Louise Barker

I found myself looking on Northwest Airedale Rescue again and saw that you were still there.

Almost 12 1/2 years ago you brought us Finn.  We had told you that we wanted a big Airedale and you were pretty sure he was going to be large.  He was only 4 months old.  Well, he did grow.  He was our 110 pounds of joy.  While I was still working, Bill spent everyday talking to him.  He had the best vocabulary of our 4 Airedale’s.  We finally lost him a couple weeks ago and the jury is out on whether  we can do this again.  Bill wants to take some time; I, on the other hand, can hardly stand the thought.  And neither of us want to consider another breed.  Rationally, we are 72 and 74 now and I am sure he is right.

I just wanted to tell you thank you again for the wonderful job you do.



In Memory of Hunter - Mark Besta & Dirk Miller who loved Hunter so very much - go well sweet boy.

"There will be no other like you, dear sweet Hunter. That mold was thrown away. You burst in to our lives so unexpectedly and you turned us upside down. Now you have left us before we were ready and we can’t stop spinning. Each and every day you worked your magic and quickly captured the depths of our souls and as we learned to understand your quiet, solemn and almost meditative  take on the world you became our most valuable treasure. Whether watching you bask poolside in the desert sun or standing sentry over water fowl on Angle Lake, you simply gave us our best times as you gave us the best of you. Your orange ball still sits within our reach to remind us of those beautiful chocolate eyes that incessantly begged for just one more toss which was so easy to grant. Why cannot I remember the last time I threw the ball for you? But we will always remember how you seamlessly managed to march to your own drummer's beat while keeping us in line and teaching us unrivaled love and compassion. We miss you more than it seems our human hearts can bear as you leave our tears behind you. But, dear Hunter, please wait for us and we will dream of a time when our paths will meet again."


Rest in Peace Max, your job is done here and you did a fine job of putting a big paw print on Dick Droese heart as well as many others, you were so very loved.  Dick wrote "On 23 April of this year I had to say goodbye to my Aire-angel Max at the young age of 11 1/2. On 15 March, he was diagnosed with “a very aggressive oral melanoma” after his biopsied results came in.  For the first time in almost 10 years I am arriving home without an Airedale welcome. "

Charlie aka Charlemange

Rest in Eternal Peace Charlie.
Travels with Charlie
Charlie aka Charlemange 10/6/2006 - 3/06/2019
Our friend and companion for the past 4 -1/2 years passed away March 6, 2019 at 12- 1/2 years of age.  Charlie traveled with us through Canada, Alaska, 3 times to South Carolina, Glacier National Park and twice to Las Vagas to try his luck at gambling.
There were many good weather camping trips where Charlie could roam 40 acres and bark at the neighbor’s horses,deer, and unexpected guests.
Howling for attention and unmet needs was his specialty which none of our previous airedales demonstrated. He always brought happy public attention to himself after a good howl.
His final resting place will be at our property in our Pet Cemetery amongst the pines. Charlie will always be remembered as the special dog that he was and we will be reminded what a great friend he was.

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