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Rainbow Bridge

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Charlotte May-Pumphreys
Many thanks to NWATR for totally brightening my life ever since June 1, 2008, when I adopted Charlotte Hollis May-Pumphrey, AireGirl Extraordinaire! She died today, just three weeks short of becoming a teenager....


Our beautiful Hannah crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 8, 2020 at 12 years 9 months old.  Hannah was our constant companion from the age of 2 years when we adopted her to the time she slipped peacefully away at home.   She made us laugh with her quirky ways, diving between our legs, welcoming guests with gusto, never wanting them to leave and her obsession with the cat next door and their daily staring contests from a safe distance.  She loved visits to the beach and the travels in our motorhome where she couldn't wait to get in the driver's seat. 

Hannah was loved by everyone who knew and met her and has left a big hole in our hearts.  Most of all we will miss the unconditional love she gave us.  Rest in Peace sweet Hannah.

Ozzie Langley

As a rescue family for Airedales, we know we will seldom receive puppies to foster. But one of those rare occasions occurred about nine years ago. Among the litter there was one I immediately gravitated to. He was Oz. At the time we had a full canine household, so I reluctantly abandoned the idea of keeping this big puppy for our own. He was quickly placed as all puppies are.

Leap forward to 2018. We received a call from one of our adopters. They couldn’t keep the dog we had placed with them seven years earlier. Per the NWATR contract, they were returning the dog to us.

Oz found his way back to us! The chemistry we had so many years earlier was rekindled - I like to think he remembered me too, but, you know.....

Ozzie was loved and loved back. For two years he was a great pack member, trainer of incoming rescues, a devoted protector. Then cancer took him from us...too soon across the Rainbow Bridge.

But someday Ozzie will look down the road through the bright light and see my approach. He will immediately stroll forward to greet me, " I knew you’d find your way back to me."

Rimington Barrow

In Memory Remington Barrow - Go well Sweet Boy

Our dear friend and companion, Rimington Barrow, went to visit his brothers on December 20 at 1:33 EST.  We adopted Rimi on May 4, 2010 from NWATR. He was a fine example to our other dogs, taking care of and teaching them. Rimi would frequently come to talk with me, in his little squeaky voice. He almost raised Puppy Keegan by himself - playing, defending, and sharing. Rimi had a malignant tumor on his spleen and his blood count was barely sustaining life. He came to us every day, near the end, for reassurance that we would do something to help him.   He was truly a wonderful friend and we are empty inside. We cannot begin to express how much we miss him.


In memory of Finn - From Louise Barker

I found myself looking on Northwest Airedale Rescue again and saw that you were still there.

Almost 12 1/2 years ago you brought us Finn.  We had told you that we wanted a big Airedale and you were pretty sure he was going to be large.  He was only 4 months old.  Well, he did grow.  He was our 110 pounds of joy.  While I was still working, Bill spent everyday talking to him.  He had the best vocabulary of our 4 Airedale’s.  We finally lost him a couple weeks ago and the jury is out on whether  we can do this again.  Bill wants to take some time; I, on the other hand, can hardly stand the thought.  And neither of us want to consider another breed.  Rationally, we are 72 and 74 now and I am sure he is right.

I just wanted to tell you thank you again for the wonderful job you do.


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