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3/8/2023 6:50 PM


CT2007CurlyIf you find you must give up your Airedale, please contact us. We understand how difficult the decision is and we are here to help. Sometimes, we are able to provide information or referrals that can help to allow an owner to keep their Airedale. Many owners are undecided about whether they should rehome their Airedale. If changes in the home situation have ended up with your Airedale tied outside or is spending long periods of time alone, then allowing us to find a new home for your Airedale is usually the best decision. Airedale Terriers love to be active members of the family and should able to be with the family both inside and outside of the home. This breed loves to safely have room to explore, run and play in a secure area always under the watchful eye of the owner. A tethered Airedale will usually become an Airedale with behavioral issues and an Airedale who is bored and left alone to entertain himself will usually end up acquiring undesireable behaviors. Early intervention with rehoming is much easier on everyone than to wait and have to find a new home for an Airedale that has spent any length of time in an unfavorable situation.

Please click the link below to print out our Owner Release Questionaire as an aid for us to get to know your Airedale. You may return it to us via an email attachment, a fax or through the mail (please contact us for mailing instructions).


Please also call or email us. Our contact information follows.

Thank you for putting your Airedale's happiness first and allowing us to help where needed.

Connie Turner
503+363-4343 (fax)