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Rainbow Bridge

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Charlie aka Charlemange

Rest in Eternal Peace Charlie.
Travels with Charlie
Charlie aka Charlemange 10/6/2006 - 3/06/2019
Our friend and companion for the past 4 -1/2 years passed away March 6, 2019 at 12- 1/2 years of age.  Charlie traveled with us through Canada, Alaska, 3 times to South Carolina, Glacier National Park and twice to Las Vagas to try his luck at gambling.
There were many good weather camping trips where Charlie could roam 40 acres and bark at the neighbor’s horses,deer, and unexpected guests.
Howling for attention and unmet needs was his specialty which none of our previous airedales demonstrated. He always brought happy public attention to himself after a good howl.
His final resting place will be at our property in our Pet Cemetery amongst the pines. Charlie will always be remembered as the special dog that he was and we will be reminded what a great friend he was.


In Loving Memory of Gracie. Our sincere condolences to Nancy Doll on the passing of her "best buddy".

Miss Sinna

I am sad to say Miss Sinna has past on. She was adopted March 2014 under the name Serena. She developed bone cancer that had spread. She was a stereotypical Airedale, stubborn, independent and loving. We will miss her so very much. Thank you for all the work you do. Your efforts have brought us 4 years of laughter and joy.  

Vanessa Stoute.  

I’m sorry to let you know that our handsome pretty-boy Monty passed away last night. As you might know, he was getting weaker and weaker from anorexia and last night he could no longer stand or take food. Until the end, I hoped for a magic potion, but there was none. The doctor at Dove Lewis was kind and honest about his chances - he had barely any vital signs. Monty was put to sleep last night around 11 pm after a peaceful day lounging on the grass in our front yard. He lived until 13 and 7 months, which is a nice age for an Airedale. We really value all the care and advice from all of you over the years for both Monty and us. We’re sure there’s another Airedale in our near future and the adventure will begin all over again. Much love from Sylvia and Paul (and Monty, wherever he is….)


From Mary Ann Odegaard " Just Wanted to let you know that for 7 years i have enjoyed the company of a rescue Airedale, Princess Fergie, whom I adopted with Jann's help. I could not have wished for a better friend and companion. Unfortunately on December 17 , she passed away at age 13.6 years old from an incurable cancer with multiple tumors. We miss her tremendously and thank you so much for helping to bring her into our family's life."

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