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Please visit the following websites for insights and descriptions of the Airedale Terrier:   (The Airedale Terrier Club of America Site)  (The National Airedale Terrier Rescue Site)   (The American Kennel Club)


Mattie Hummingbird

Known as the Robyn Williams of the dog breeds, once you have lived with and loved an Airedale Terrier, no other breed will do.  Airedales do require a certain type of home; one with a sense of humor, an appreciation for their quirky ways, their unlimited prey drive for which they were bred, a home where alone times are few and far between and one that has a secure area for an Airedale to enjoy a good tuck butt run and perhaps a squirrel chase or two or, even, a nice nap in the morning sun.  Airedales usually love the young and the elderly but can inadvertently knock them over when doing what Airedales do.  Airedales also usually love to play with other dogs and, it is sad to see an Airedale that has lost that love of other dog companionship and love to see new owners willing to work with these Airedales to remind them how wonderful dog friendship can be.